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How to keep your hijabs in good condition

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

We think Hijabs are special that are not part of our clothing. Indeed, there is a lot of meaning behind a Hijab, but in the end what you wear on your hair is a nice piece of material that you need to take care of. Because you wear it so often and because you use Hijab pins, the scarf might be destroyed faster than you think, unless you do something to prevent this. Here is how to maintain your hijab scarfs in good condition.

  • Use special pins. You need a lot of pins to hold your Hijab in place, especially when there’s a windy day outside. However, wearing too many will not only look strange but it will also destroy the scarf. One thing that you can easily do besides reducing the number of the pins, is to wear only special ones that will not damage the material in any way. You can get them from any convenience store, and some of them are so small and discreet that you can easily hide them in your scarf.

  • Wear an underscarf. If you wear the hijab directly on your hair, you will expose it to all the hair products that you use in one day. The easy solution is to wear an underscarf every time you wear a Hijab. It will make your Hijab look much better and you are not destroying your scarf in the process.

  • Don’t put them in the washing machine. I know, it’s not easy to wash your scarfs by hand, but this is the only way you will be able to maintain them in good condition for a long time. Most of them are made from soft and light fabric that will easily get damaged by the spinning of the washing machine. Why not prevent this?

  • Keep them on a hanger. Many girls keep their Hijabs in a drawer, and while this might be convenient it is not good for your scarfs at all. Apart from the fact that they will get creased, they will also get tangled and they will lose their colors. Put all your hijabs on hangers and keep them arranged in this way.

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Thank you for sharing your perspective on the significance of hijab. It's empowering to see discussions that highlight the diverse experiences and meanings behind this symbol of faith and identity. Your insights offer valuable food for thought, encouraging us to embrace and respect the choices and beliefs of others


Yashfeen Laba
Yashfeen Laba
Nov 03, 2022


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